The Mitch Six: 6 Best Rides/Attractions to Recoup in at Disney


 In a similar way of my Halloween recommendation, I’d like to share with you 6 of the things I like to do or am really into at the moment. What better way to kick that off, than with a nice little Disney ride Ranking. Now I could sit here and tell you to go ride Space Mountain, but where is the fun in that. Instead, I will focus this listing on my six favorite rides or attractions to recoup from the drain of a Disney day.



6. Hall of Presidents

 I know what you are probably saying: “Hall of Presidents? That’s probably the most boring thing on earth”… exactly. The Hall of Presidents is an excellent place to catch a few Z’s in the middle of the day, especially if you aren’t staying on property or don’t want to leave. Even more so, if it’s the dead of July and humidity is through the roof, that Hall of Presidents air condition looks pretty inviting. The show is what it is. If you aren’t Sheldon Cooper, you will probably not be overwhelmed by its glory. But that isn’t the point of going to the Hall of Presidents, at least for me. You go to the Hall to get that second wind to hit the lands you haven’t been to yet.


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5. Carousel of Progress

 The Carousel of Progress is listed here in part for the same reason the Hall of President is on here, but also because I actually do find it entertaining. It’s a “ride” that I have tried multiple times to fall asleep in, but ultimately find myself captivated by the animatronics. The banter between the husband and wife I find to be funny, the laughably dated “future” scene at the end has grown to be endearing, and “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” is the ear-worm that you won’t be able to get out of your head even when you reach Frontierland. I tend to have an appreciation for the rides that you can tell (Grandpa) Walt either had a hand in or would’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I feel like the sums up the Carousel of Progress. It’s a brain child of Walt Disney that allows you to sit down for 20 mins, recuperate, and just enjoy what’s in front of you. Plus, there is never a wait for it, how many Disney rides can you say that about?



4. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

 If you want to continue the adventure from your Safari at Animal Kingdom, there is no better way than the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. This takes place in the dense jungle, so being stuck in sunlight (lookin’ at you Toy Story Land) will never be a problem, and since it isn’t an official “Ride” you never have to wait. What I love about this attraction is that its at your own pace. You aren’t being herded like cattle through a line, you can take in each animal exhibit (and there are a lot of them here) at your own pace.  All of that really gives an out of the park experience, which is especially nice during the busy Disney seasons (all the time).



3. Spaceship Earth

 If given the opportunity, I would have Dame Judy Dench narrate my entire life. For no particular reason, Spaceship Earth has always been one of my favorite attractions in Epcot, drinking around the world aside. What people often don’t realize about Epcot is that it’s a lot of walking. The countries in and of themselves are for the most part a giant lap with shenanigans. Spaceship Earth gives you a chance to relax in the cool and dark Epcot golf ball… nothing better. Also, the only smell better than the Rome is burning scene is ET’s queue at Universal.


 2. Living with The Land

 Sticking with the Epcot theme, we not go to one of the most exciting rides ever created… a slow-moving boat ride. It seems like the slow-moving boat ride has been a mainstay of any Disney park since forever between Pirates, it’s a small world, Three Caballeros, Na’Vi river, and Living with the Land. But this ride is interesting because it gives you a little bit of a behind the scenes look at the food of the Disney parks. There has always been something about Living with the Land that I have found interesting. Maybe it’s all the vegetables you see growing on the tour, the fish, or cheesy beginning with the fishing wire rainfall. Either way, Living with the land is a must do for Jess and I each time we visit, don’t @ me.


 1. The People Mover

 Lastly, lets go back to where it all began in Magic Kingdom with The People Mover. I will be there first to tell you that there is truly nothing spectacular about the ride. It is dated, seems to stall more than run, and is a sad interpretation of what the future should look like. All that being said, I LOVE the People Mover. This is another omnimover style ride so the wait time is always relatively slim, which is great because in Tomorrowland you know that Space Mountain and even Buzz Lightyear are going to have a wait with the Fast Pass Plus system. The People Mover brings you through or around the attractions in Tomorrowland, with a brief preview of each one. Its on this ride that we hear the famous “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow”, we see concept art for (Grandpa) Walt’s vision of Epcot, and smell the lovely gasoline from Tomorrowland Speedway. This ride also gives you fantastic views of Cinderella’s Castle at certain points which makes it great to ride at night.

 So there you have it, my top 6 things to do at Disney if you are looking to recoup. What are you riding or doing during your tired points in Disney Parks? Let me know in the comments below or on our social media below.