The Mitch Six: 6 Things I Have Played or Watched on My Vacation


Y’all, I have been on vacation most of this week and have finally gotten some time to just relax. It has been much needed and very enjoyable. With that, I have gotten to take a deep dive into some video games and movies I had been dying to either play or watch anywhere from the past few weeks to the past few years(yes, I have that much stuff on the back burner). This weeks Mitch Six is going to be a bit of a grab bag of all the stuff I have gotten a chance to take in this week that I definitely would recommend you try if you have a chance. 

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Catch Up On My Bad TV Shows

Alright, I guess this is a bit of a DUH pick. We all get tied up in life and can let the old DVR pile up with shows upon shows. Over the past several weeks the shows in my DVR had started to pile up. There is so much to watch and so little time to watch them all. The first thing I needed to catch up on was The Walking Dead. Are you still watching that show? Its season 9 we have just gotten the final Rick Grimes “episodes” and now they have time jumped about 6 years into the future. Guess what, not much has changed but the characters hairstyles. Eugene has traded in his mullet for a pony tail, Carol is now sporting a long witch-like hairdo, and Michonne has shed her trademark headband to let the dreads flow free. I know this show jumped the shark a few seasons ago, but it’s a drug I just cannot quit. My biggest complaint now that I am caught up is the lack of Negan. He is by far the most compelling character on the show now, so as the great Busta Rhymes said GIMME SOME MO’. 

The other shows I needed to catch up on are my teen superhero dramas on the CW, specifically Arrow and Flash. Both of these shows have grown incredibly stale but at this point I have already invested way too much of my time to bail now. In particular, the acting on Arrow has grown incredibly dreadful to the point that the show is more comedy than drama. Never the less, vacation has been a great time to get that out of the way. 



LIFE is a 2017 Sci-Fi movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds. The plot revolves around a crew of astronauts uncovering evidence of life on Mars and trying to expand their knowledge of the organism. The movie itself plays very much like the movie Alien or any other space station movie that has come out within the past two decades. With that being said, I really enjoyed it for what it was. This has been a movie on my list of things to watch since it first became available on demand about a year ago. I would always see the movie as I was scrolling down the list of free movies trying to find something to fall asleep to. As an aside, I typically try and watch some mindless action movie to fall asleep to that I don’t care if I see or not. I usually fall asleep before the opening credits are finished and Jess hates it. Every time I would see LIFE I would skip over it and think to myself “I actually want to watch this” but never had the time until this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is still available on demand for free and definitely worth the hour and a half of your time, if not just for Ryan Reynolds being Deadpool in a space thriller. 


Peaky Blinders

This one will probably make a little more sense later on in my list, but I had been meaning to watch Peaky Blinders for about a year now. When I first had seen the show on my Netflix feed I was scrolling through shows I could download on Netflix to watch on a flight back from California. I had thought then that it would be a good show to watch, and as I viewed the first episode I can see why I thought that. The show stars Cillian Murphy who played the Scarecrow in Batman Begins, as well as Sam Neill aka Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Its set in Birmingham England just after WWI. 

It is always tough for me when I am looking for new shows to watch on Netflix. Both Jess and I are super picky on real shows so it takes a while to actually pick something. Its usually a must that a show has at least 2 seasons. If it only has 1 season, we are not watching it because we don’t want to get invested into characters and not see how their story plays out. Peaky Blinders has 4 seasons and is still going strong. 

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Happy Together and the Neighborhood

Do you love semi-crappy sitcom TV? Did you also love the show New Girl? Jess and I love both of those things. When we watched New Girl(also on Netflix and well worth your time) I would always tell Jess that I thought the funniest thing about the show was the male roommates: Nick Miller, Schmitt, Coach, and Winston. When I saw the Max Greenfield(Schmitt) and Damon Wayans Jr(Coach) both had new shows coming to CBS, I immediately set them to record. I have not been disappointed. The Neighborhood gives you more of that classic Schmitt and matches it with Cedric the Entertainer. It is very funny and definitely worth a half hour of your time each week. Happy Together airs right after the Neighborhood and stars Damon Wayans Jr as Jake Davis, an accountant for Cooper James, an up and coming pop star played by Felix Mallard who comes to live with Jake and his wife due to their extremely normal life. I have always loved the Wayans brothers. I find their energy and brand of comedy to be hilarious, so naturally I was drawn to this show. It is definitely something to watch when you just want to turn your brain off for half an hour. 


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 

Thursday, amidst the 6 inches of snow in New England, I got a chance to go with some friends to see the new Fantastic Beast movie starring Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, and a slew of other notable actors. I will keep this brief as to not spoil anything, but if you are a fan of the Harry Potter books and films, this is a MUST see. It was a great follow up to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and also establishes more backstory to the characters in the original Harry Potter movies and books. The runtime is just over 2 hours and they pack a lot into it. You can tell that JK Rowling has fleshed these characters out with the same care she did her original books. This installment ups the action and is really a visual spectacle deserving of the price of seeing it in theaters. Check it out and let me know what you think


Red Dead Redemption 2…Electric Boogaloo?

It is probably something about my generation growing up, but I love playing video games. I especially enjoy games with a cohesive story that our well done out and cinematic. If I am ranking the games I have played, I probably put The Last of Us and any of the Uncharted series atop the list for their ability to let the game player essentially play out a movie. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sequel to Red Dead Redemption brought to us by Rockstar Games, the same company who has delivered all of the Grand Theft Auto games. It is an open world third or first person shooter, meaning you are free to pretty much do what you want when you want to do it, which creates like a million hours of gameplay. Last weekend, Jess asked me what I had been doing since I disappeared for about 3 hours and I told her I was playing Red Dead and at the current pace I am at its going to take me about 3 years to finish the game. That isn’t a joke. The game came with 2 discs, 1 with all the game data and the other with the game itself. It is the equivalent of when The Titanic came out and had 2 VHS tapes because it was so long. That being said, the game does not disappoint. It is huge, well developed, and graphically impressive. Its insane to where video games have gone to in terms of graphics over the last two decades. I have put about 10 hours into the game and have not even uncovered half of the map. You can do so much in this game that I may not be able to ever finish it.


As a bonus, the dogs love watching the game and the horses in it. If you like video games and like a good story definitely check this one out. 

So there you have it, the 6 things I have played or watched during my vacation. Now that it is winding down, it is time to get serious. Tonight is my 4 year wedding anniversary with my wife and we are going to do an escape room. Here is hoping we can work together and actually get out -_-… What are some things that you like to do on vacation or in your free time? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @ShopWithBYT or By Your Terms on Facebook

Thank you all for reading