Is It Too Early For Christmas?


Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? I am just asking the question because this year it feels like the minute the clock struck midnight on Halloween, people were already taking out the bows and wreaths and praying for snow. In fact, in Disney, they literally did that. November 1st, as guests entered the Magic Kingdom, they were greeted by Christmas Décor. The Hallmark Channel, A staple in our household, has been showing Christmas movies for almost two weeks. It seems like now more than ever, people are leap frogging over Thanksgiving and going right to Christmas.

I should preface this whole thing by saying, I love Christmas. I could care less about gifts, but I love the music, the hunt for other people’s gifts, Christmas movies, and the baking…. Oh, the baking. But most of all I love spending time with my family and enjoying each others company. I just do not have the ability to flip a switch from carving pumpkins, haunted houses, ghosts, and ghouls to holiday cheer, hot cocoa, and sugar cookies. Holidays should happen one at a time with a little overlap but not so much so that on Halloween I can watch “My Christmas Boyfriend” or whatever is playing on Hallmark. There is a certain way for our household to get ready for Christmas. Yes its fine to start before Thanksgiving, but November first is a little too early for us. It just too early to feel like the holidays.


With that, what is our general setup for Christmas? Well, usually the week before thanksgiving we will put up our tree but DO NOT decorate it yet. There is something welcoming about a lit-up tree with no ornaments. It says the holidays are here but its not time for Santa yet. We also like it because its nice to have some kind of decoration up in the house on Thanksgiving. I should mention here that last year we liked an undecorated tree with lights on it so much that we didn’t even put ornaments on it at all. We liked it, but we also didn’t trust Ollie to leave the tree alone.

Him cause trouble? Nooooooo

Him cause trouble? Nooooooo

Our next step comes on Thanksgiving, when Mitch, the crazy, decides that is the perfect night to put the Christmas lights up on the house. I am not sure why he chose this night to do it, but every thanksgiving since we bought our home, when we get home from dinner, he pulls out the ladder and to the roof he goes.


We never used colored lights on our tree or on our house. We think the white lights have a nice classic feel and really give a nice, warm, inviting look without going overboard and being something that would put us on Christmas Light Fight(despite Mitch’s best attempts). There is nothing better than coming home to the only house lit up on the block after a day of shopping on black Friday. All this being said, we have released our first holiday shirt this year so if you are one to celebrate Christmas early, check out our Simply Santa tee

Those are our traditions. Yes, we setup for Christmas early, but we simply refuse to have our halls decked on November 1st. what is your process for getting ready for Christmas? are you a November first-er? December first? how early is too early for you? let us know in the comment section or on social media: @shopwithbyt on Twitter and @ByYourTerms on Instagram and Facebook.