The Mitch Six: Christmas Movies


Christmas is just around the corner, and while you are all out getting last minute gifts for friends and family, I have been spending my weekends at home tirelessly watching Christmas movies (both good and bad), to deliver you the definitive list of what to watch this holiday season. Now, there are a million holiday movies to watch, especially if you like the Hallmark channel, so I have divided the list into two sections: the classics and the gems.

The Classics



Lets start with what may be the best Christmas movie, not only of the 200s but of all time: ELF. This movie is peak Will Ferrell, is insanely quotable, and a joy to watch with the whole family. There may honestly not be a day that goes by that I do not drop a quote from Elf. My chocolate lab, Ollie, finds it funny when I say “bye buddy, hope you find your dad” as I leave for work, and the obvious “SANTA! I know him”. Will Ferrell’s infectious energy and shear joy all throughout the movie makes it impossible not to love it. It is a staple of our household each Christmas.


Home Alone

Home Alone is another Christmas classic. I think we all can agree that Kevin McCallister is probably the worst kid. He is rude, disrespectful, and let’s not forget… WISHED HIS PARENTS WOULD DISAPPEAR AND WAS HAPPY WHEN HE THOUGHT IT HAPPENED! Speaking of his parents, are they not the worst parents in the history of parenthood? They got mad at Kevin because he wanted a piece of pizza and the rest of the family ate it all, THEY LEFT HIM HOME ALONE, and the dad didn’t really seem to care the whole time.  We can give his mother some slack because at least she is worried, but the dad may be the worst parent in cinema history. All that aside, this movie is classic. Everyone says “merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”, and everyone loves the traps that Kevin sets. Yes, the parents should have never forgot him, and in real life that would probably never happen, and yes, the fact that Kevin decides lay traps all over the house as opposed to just calling the police is suspect. But with all that being said, Home Alone was the movie I would watch on Thanksgiving growing up to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season and is a must watch every year. Oh, and must I mention how awesome the soundtrack is.


Christmas Vacation

Ah, the good old days back when Chevy Chase was still Chevy Chase. Christmas Vacation is an excellent interpretation of an every man Christmas. It has all the fun of the original Vacation movie and its sequel but adds the holiday flair that you look for when the calendar flips to December. Doesn’t everyone want what Clark Griswold wants when it comes to putting up lights outdoors, getting a tree, or getting that holiday bonus? This movie has been my Christmas eve movie for years. It’s the perfect way to fall into Christmas. This is definitely on my short list of must watch Christmas movies and I really cant go a Christmas season without popping this movie on.

The Gems


Just Friends

Does anybody not love Ryan Reynolds? I’ll wait… When we think Christmas movies, they are generally romantic comedies and Just Friends is no exception. Reynolds plays a now good-looking record executive who is forced to return to his hometown and former crush Jamie, played by Amy Smart (more on her later), who had friend zoned him years ago. The movie has everything you would want in a Christmas movie: comedy, romance, decorations and seasonal fun (pond hockey). The movie has all the quirkiness and cheese of a Hallmark movie, but this time with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart leading the front. We get the classic redemption story for Reynolds’ character, Chris, who after years away had developed a large ego and needed to learn to put his ego aside in order to get the girl. But, we also get the cliché of a pop star in Samantha, played by Anna Faris. This movie came out when Faris was probably at the height of her fame and proves that no one plays dumb quite like Faris can.  Just Friends is another borderline classic Christmas movie that I try to watch every year.


The Night Before

This movie is not for the children, but it’s a blast nonetheless. This movie stars Anthony Mackie, Seth Rogen, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as three childhood friends who celebrate the holidays on Christmas each year in search of a legendary party that you need a ticket to get into. The movie is filled with so many memorable moments from the crew playing floor piano to Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” karaoke, and of course Seth Rogen very inebriated yelling at his unborn baby. This isn’t a family movie by any means, but it does kind of remind me of the friends I had growing up that have stuck around until now. Is it a classic by any means, no, but is it a fun bro type Christmas comedy? Absolutely. If you are a fan of movies like The Pineapple Express then check this out.


12 Dates of Christmas

I said we would talk about Amy Smart again, and this is why. Now personally, I don’t consider this a classic Christmas movie but as they say: happy wife, happy life. Jess loves this movie. We have watched it every Christmas season, and sometimes middle of the summer, for the last 5 years. It stars Amy Smart and everyone’s favorite teen heartthrob Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zach Morris in Saved By The Bell) as Kate and Miles, who have been set up on a blind date by Kates mother in law. The film embraces a ground hog day style plot where Kate relives Christmas Eve 12 times until she gets it right. Throughout the movie, Amy Smart’s character changes a lot from being hung up on her ex to being ready for a new chapter. This movie is exactly what you think it would be, filled with cheese and very sappy. However, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The holiday season is one of the only times that viewers across America will watch a movie and accept it for what it is in the spirit of the holidays. This movie isn’t going to win an Oscar but it is a pleasant watch. Jess would give this a 6 out of 6.

There are a few others I have watched this Christmas season that you all may want to check out as well. Christmas Chronicles is new this year to Netflix and stars Kurt Russell as old Saint Nick. It is a good family adventure and definitely worth a watch. Lastly, if you are looking for something with holiday spirit but not necessarily a movie, check out Nailed It: Holiday on Netflix. It is seven episodes of subpar bakers taking their shot at baking expert looking cakes themed to the holidays. I bet you can figure out how that goes.

If you are a super fan of Christmas movies like we are, let me know what titles I have missed. There are so many movies to watch and I certainly can’t watch them all. Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Thank you all and happy holidays!