The Mitch Six-Christmas Songs


It wouldn’t be Christmas without music? I feel like the Christmas tunes have been all over the radio since Halloween ended (hint: they have). My Sirius XM has been strictly set to the Hallmark Channel Radio. As if Hallmark hadn’t already taken over my TV viewing this holiday season (whether I like it or not).  Much like my Christmas picks for this holiday season, I will break the following list up into Classics and Gems. I also feel like it is important to note that, a lot of Christmas songs are covered by different artists, so while the artist I choose, at least when referring to the classic songs, may not be the original artist, the song itself is iconic. For the gems, I will be talking full albums(for the most part) as these are more unique finds that I love. Let’s dive in, shall we?


6 (A) Cool Jerk(Christmas Mix)-The Capitols


In my last Mitch Six, I mentioned how good I thought the Home Alone soundtrack is, and this is part of the reason why. Now, brief dive into my backstory. Growing up, every Christmas Eve the Brouillard household would play the Home Alone 2 soundtrack including TLC’s Sleigh Ride. To me, that soundtrack was among the best depictions of Christmas. Also included was this absolutely earworm that the minute its played, is stuck in your head for the rest of the night.

6(B) White Christmas- The Drifters

So… I know Cool Jerk isn’t considered a classic Christmas song, so spinning off of the Home Alone theme in this spot, lets talk the Drifters rendition of White Christmas. Is it the iconic voice of Dean Martin? Nope. Is it ridiculously cool and a level of swag that I wish I had? You bet it is. From the drifters utilization of a deep, bassy voice to the equally as entertaining high pitched voices. This song is a thrill ride and is deserving of being mentioned in the classics section.

5. I’ll Be Home For Christmas- Darius Rucker


Lets keep unique soulful voices that ill never have a consistent pattern so far on the list shall we? Darius Rucker’s version of I’ll Be Home For Christmas is excellent just because he has the voice of an angel. This song, no matter who is singing it really, gives you the warmth of Christmas Eve surrounded by family and really puts the emphasis on what’s important during the holiday season.

4. All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey


It really pains me to put this on my list, because I feel like in recent years this has become single handedly the most over played song ever. Add to it, that Mariah seems to use the Christmas season to make all of her money for the year on performing this song and it quickly becomes nauseating to me. That being said, there is a working theory that this may be the best Christmas song of all time, and I can’t disagree. From a musical arrangement standpoint, its as unique as any other song. But more importantly, it kind of poopoos everything wrong with Christmas. It tells you that material possessions don’t matter, all I want for Christmas is you. Who’d have thunk, Mariah Carey would be the voice of the everyman.

Gems- lets talk albums

3. Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer- Relient K


This album is a rehash of an EP that earlier in their career uniquely titled “Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hands”. It puts together 6 original Christmas songs and 11 holiday classics to form what I view as one of the best Christmas albums of all time, for my taste at least. Their rendition of Sleigh Ride on this album is my favorite song and is a nice, calm, and relaxing vibe that I want in my holiday season.

2. What Money Can’t Buy- The Summer Set


The Summer Set has long been one of my favorite guilty pleasure bands. They bring a blend of punk rock with bubblegum pop music that sticks in your brain for days. Their short Christmas EP is no exception. At only three songs long, its not going to bog you down from a time perspective, and all three songs are originals that will quickly become some of your must listen songs for the holidays. Each song focuses on what is important during the holiday season and the musical arrangement fits the mold of Christmas whether you prefer Bruce Springsteen or Alabama.

1. A Very Kacey Christmas-Kacey Musgraves


Are you a fan of country? Better yet do you like witty renditions of the Christmas songs you’ve heard far too many times? Than “A Very Kacey Christmas” is what you want to listen to during the holidays. Sales pitch aside, I am not the biggest country guy, but this album is awesome. Specifically, “A Willie Nice Christmas” featuring the OG, Willie Nelson is my favorite track on the record. The album on a whole has a lot of slide guitar which gives you the twang and feel of Hawaii. With that, it makes it feel like a Jimmy Buffett holiday album. It also gives you a good blend of Christmas classics mixed with original songs.

What Christmas songs are you listening to this year? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or Facebook. If I do not speak with you before then, please have a safe and merry Christmas.