What Are Your Goals In 2019?


What is your New Years Resolution? Do you make one? Those are the two questions everyone seems to ask around this time of year. The gyms are currently packed, if only until February rolls around, and people are motivated to stick to the changes they want to make. As we all know that doesn’t last all that long if you aren’t truly dedicated to make changes in your life. To that, you have to ask, why wait until the new year to make a change? Regardless, positive change is a good thing, so for the first post of 2019, I want to take a look at some changes I have made over recent years in hopes that you may find some inspiration to do the same.

A few months ago, I talked about living my best life, and really that remains my resolution for 2019 because it encompasses everything I want to focus on. My goals are to continue do things. That is anything really, going out with friends or family, making music, anything in a social setting. I never realized how fun it can be just to go bowling one night and then to the piano bar after that, but it is very fun to get out. I just need to find a balance of work/home/social life that fits my level of exhaustion. That is what I am going to look to do in 2019.


This includes vacationing. I am very strict on money to an extent but one thing I always budget for is vacations because I think it’s important to break up the day to day with a few trips. The standard Disney trip will always be there year in year out whether we say we are going to have it or not. But this year we are trying something different and doing a lot of day/weekend trips as well. Going places like Boston or Connecticut for night to see a concert and not have to worry about driving, or a short weekend trip to Nashville in September. We are focused on seeing new places in addition to the travel destinations we have grown to love over the years.   


Fitness, mainly running has become a huge part of my life and focusing on living a healthy life has also become a point of emphasis for me. For this year specifically, I am going to focus on building muscle and changing the way I eat. Its always difficult to change eating habits and I love pizza, but I understand in order to reach my goals, changes need to be made. We did a bit of a test run on this during the summer, when my wife and I tried to do a keto lifestyle. For the uninitiated (keto is everywhere now), the ketogenic diet is a diet that focuses on low carb/high fat food intake which forces your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs that are stored in your body. That is a mouthful of science. At its very core, you are trading in bread for avocado. Not a bad trade off in my opinion. We strayed from this in the fall, but I am focused on going back to it this year. Beyond the weight loss, I actually felt better as a whole and happier too.

Those are the two “resolutions” I am focusing on this year, but really, they all fall under living my best life and are something that I have had as a work in progress over the past several months. So much has gone on over the last several months that has really put into perspective for me, the importance of doing things that you enjoy with the ones you enjoy being around. You cant take life or the ones in your life for granted.

I would love to hear from anyone in terms of what their New Years resolutions are. I enjoy seeing what people are focused on.  I am also open to any suggestions anyone can offer on things to do in the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area, so if you have any must dos please either let me know in the comments, on facebook, or on twitter.