The Winter Blues


Well… it is officially here y’all… We had a few flakes of snow fall down this week and the holidays are over, so it is time to strap in for the dark, cold, dreary part of winter. Just as quickly as I talked about staying motivated and creating goals last week, that motivation goes out the window this week. The winter is a difficult time for most people to stay motivated and committed to goals they set for themselves. It gets dark super early, light super late, and during the week all we want to do is….. sleep.

Admittedly, this feeling usually washes over me in February, so its early this year. My problem, at least I think, is that in terms of fitness I typically like to run outside. With the colder weather here, its not that its impossible its just that it feels almost daunting as a task. To put all the cold gear on and then still go out there and freeze it makes me feel like “ugh”. I keep at it though, however much of a struggle it may be, because in the back of my mind the guilt of not accomplishing the goals I talked about last week will weigh on me more. As a quick side note, we do have an elliptical machine in the house, but If there is one thing that’s more of a struggle than getting pumped to go out in the frigid weather, its running stationary for 30 minutes. Its crazy to me to think that weather can actually have an impact on a person’s mood. In college they told me that UMass Dartmouth is one of the most depressing places during the winter and I would tell them they were crazy. Then I experienced Umass Dartmouth in the winter and realized that the cinder block walls and dreary weather make it seem like a prison. Beyond the weather, everyone around me appears to be getting sick at the same time to the point that I literally feel like I am doing the Heisman stance to avoid the bubonic plague or whatever strand of bacteria is being sent around the workplace. The bottomline here is that there are a ton of different reasons to feel glum during these winter months, so I want to dive into some things that I have been doing or want to do to defeat this humdrum attitude.


Firstly, I am literally planning on running away from it. Over the past weekend, Jess and I officially locked in this years Disney trip with my brother, his wife, and my two nephews for July. Of course, it’s literally going to be hotter than the devil’s kitchen in July, but its Florida, Disney, and Universal. Not to mention, we haven’t yet gotten to experience Toy Story Land and I NEED to get on the slinky dog coaster. Plus, I hear that Disney is great with children… so long as you aren’t their parents. So, besides the heat, there really is no downside. I plan to live in a bathing suit and dry fit shirt, frequent the water parks, and kick back after what will surely be a long 7 months.

Next, I have taken a deep dive (much to my wifes chagrin) into the online world of Grand Theft Auto V. For all the NOOBZ when it comes to video games, GTAV originally released in 2013, however the online gameplay has made the staying power of the game insane. Rockstar Games has continually pushed out new content for the online gameplay in the form of new cars, game modes, clothing, and more. All of this content has given the game a Ready Player One feeling, where it is literally the mecca of any type of gameplay you are looking for. If you want to race, you can, if you want to play golf, you can, if you want a Call of Duty style shooter, you can do that as well… like I said: its insane. So why am I all of a sudden falling head over heals into a game I have had for 5 years? That answer is simple: The Delorean.

hqdefault (2).jpg

Yes, everyone’s favorite time travel franchise is represented in the game and I need that vehicle like I need air to breathe. The only problem is that it costs almost 5 million virtual dollars. As you can imagine that’s going to take me a minute to build up. So, I have been working feverishly trying to build up the sum of money to buy it. Beyond that goal, it is also a blast to play and so ludicrous that it really makes you laugh. After a long day at the office, a little laughing never hurt anyone.

Aside from those things, its generally normal activity that I am trying to preoccupy my time with to stay busy. I continue to work on music and have started a little acoustic duo with a friend from high school. We have been steady putting together a killer setlist and are ironing out the kinks on it. What are some of the things you do to stay motivated during the dreary and dark winter season? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook