Shipping Up To Boston


This past weekend, we got the chance to spend a night in Boston. As a bit of an aside, this is something we rarely do. Typically if we are seeing a concert or show, we drive up and go back home, but in this case we thought it would be fun to slow the night down and stay the night. In this case, the concert we were seeing was State Champs (more on that later), but beyond that we slowed the trip down, walked around Boston, and “lived our best life”.


Our trip started off with something else we rarely ever do, but will be doing more of in the future: taking the train into the city. We will dive deeper into our reasoning for this on an upcoming podcast, but you better believe we will be doing this more often. Taking the train in as opposed to driving is 100 times easier. You don’t have to deal with that annoying Boston city traffic, you don’t have to worry about driving after a night of drinks and shenanigans, and most of all you don’t have to pay the inflated price to park your car.


It was in the 40s on Saturday (like a Spring day in New England) so we decided to forgo an Uber/Lyft and walk to our hotel. It was only about a 20 minute walk, but just doing that you get to see all of the great things that Boston has to offer from an architectural standpoint. the pictures we took are really only a small glimpse into some of the amazing things you can see. Shortly after we got off the train and started walking, we saw an amazing door about 12 feet high that resembled a door you would see on a Castle. The best part of that? it was for a restaurant. You see that type of architecture all around Boston. From sky high buildings, historic buildings, and even some well known landmarks, Boston truly has everything.


Including our hotel, which was an unexpected surprise of our trip. We had booked this hotel off of Groupon and didn’t really expect anything but when we showed up, I was kind of amazed by the boujee hotel that I walked into given what i was expecting to see. When we got to the room i was even more surprised. our room was a standard room with a king sized bed, but it featured literally the biggest closet I have ever seen in any hotel room. Beyond that, this was the first hotel room I have been in that was outfitted with Google Chromecast. this meant that YouTube and Netflix could still be watched even though we were away from home. While Jess showered, i finally watched Oh Hello on Broadway. If you have never seen that, its a comedic performance from John Mulaney and Nick Kroll where they play two old men form the upper west side of New York. Its entertaining, if nothing more than a time killer.


Getting away, for us, means one ting: all diet bets are off. During college, Jess worked at an apartment complex right off of Huntington Ave, which mean that we got to experience a lot of the surrounding area from the Prudential building, to Copley place, and everything on that section of Mass Ave. During this trip, we were able to kind of catch up briefly on all of that. We walked from our hotel down to the Boston Public Library and hopped right into the Prudential building to see the shops. My how times have changed. So many new stores have been added here including one of the most interest places I have ever been, an Italian market. This place was completely food driven. It had a fresh canoli stand in the front, a cafe to the side, a full restaurant in the back, a quick service restaurant in the middle, and a full market in between all of that. what a place.

After that we headed over to the cheesecake factory for some appetizers before the show. We got the egg roll sampler, which came with a Tex Mex egg roll, an Avocado Spring Roll, and a cheeseburger egg roll. We also got cheeseburger sliders. All in all this was the perfect pregame to the concert as there was just enough to fill us with out feeling overstuffed. Being the cheesecake factory, we had to get cheesecake. We got the celebration cake. It was really nothing to write home about. it wasn’t as rich as most of the chocolate driven cakes, which was good, but overall it tasted kind of bland.


After appetizers we walked down to the House of Blues and caught some more cool looking buildings. It was still a little early to head into the concert so we decided to go into a bar near the venue. we got a few drinks, the usual Titos with Sprite for me at Jillians, which is a multi story entertainment place that has games, bowling, pool tables, and its own brewery. It was really interesting considering its across the street from Fenway. After a round of drinks we were ready to head into the House of Blues for some music. But the venue was not ready for us. When we got to the door, the line to enter was down the street and around the corner. We both turned right around and entered Loretta’s Last call, a fun little country bar right on the side of Jillians. We hung out there for about an hour or so and then went back to the venue. There was still a line but it wasn’t nearly as long.


The reason we weren’t in any rush to get into the concert is because beyond State Champs, I had no idea who was playing. When we got in, the first bad was already off and the second band was just finishing up. The band, A Dangerous Summer, was pretty alright. I had never heard anything by them, and the lead singer loved to drop the f bomb. The next band however was a treat. Our Last Night took the stage and both Jess and I stared at each other thinking the same thing: “How long do you think they will be on?”

Its not that they were bad, just not our cup of tea. I don’t get much into screamo music. However, their mix was good so even though they were more aggressive than i typically listen to, it didn’t absolutely destroy my ears. Plus the crowd seemed to really enjoy them. Maybe it was because they were feeling toasty, but people were jamming out to them.

When State Champs took the stage I was surprised by how much they sounded like the studio recordings of their songs. Not in a “they may be lip syncing” sort of way, but rather an impressive considering how fast their normal tempo of music is. Overall they were a great show and the crowd loved them just as much as they loved the crowd.

After the show we went back to Jillian’s to get some food before heading back to the hotel. My how that place changed in a matter of hours. what was once really empty before the show was now absolutely packed to the brim with people. Even better, was when we got back to our hotel there were several 40 somethings stumbling drunk around the lobby. It was truly a sight.


Overall, the quick trip up was very fun. we crammed a lot of stuff into a less than 24 hours, but also did it relatively on the cheap. What is a quick trip that you have gone on that completely surpassed your expectations? let me know in the comments below or on Twitter! as always, thank you for reading. we have some amazing new things coming your way very soon!