Baking With The Brouillards: La Patisserie Beignets


Last weekend, Mitch and I started up a new running series to talk about here. We are going to attempt to make some of our favorite Disney World snacks at home. This could be everything from dessert to full meals, or even margaritas. We have thrown all the chosen snacks into a bowl and will be selecting them randomly when it is time to do a recipe. In this case we chose La Patisserie Beignets! These are the chocolate filled donuts that are served in the French part of World Showcase in Epcot. They are a fried dough, filled with chocolate, and coated in powdered sugar. Heaven.

What we were trying to make

What we were trying to make

Now, typically you want to make the dough from scratch. This allows you to have the sweetness you are looking for combined with the fluffiness of a pastry. Unfortunately, for us we opted to go with a premade dough as we just did not have the time to spend allowing the dough to rest and rise. With that, we took our dough, and added our own bit of flare by making them Mickey shaped because… it isn’t Disney if it doesn’t have mickey ears!


Once all our dough was cut, with a few donut hole sized balls to test with, we heated our oil in a Dutch oven on our stove. This is hands down the worst part. Anything oil based in this process was stressful to me. We had to determine whether the oil was hot enough, then after everything was done, we had to make sure it was cool enough to get rid of, spoiler alert, we didn’t do well at that. In fact, we poured the remaining oil into the vegetable oil container and it immediately shrunk down to the size of a standard water bottle. OOPS.

While the oil heated we worked on our filling. This process consisted of pouring whole milk, 2 egg yolks, vanilla extract, sugar, and a bit of corn starch into a saucepan and stirring until it thickened up. Once it thickened you add in some dark chocolate chips. Once it blended, you put the chocolate filling into a piping bag and refrigerate it to let cool.


At this point, our oil was up to the correct temperature, so we started placing our dough in. The dough is funny because at first it will sink to the bottom of the pan to the point that you think you’ve done something horribly wrong. What happens though is the dough fills with steam, and slowly rises to the top of the Dutch oven until you’ve got yourself a nice Mickey hot tub.

Once the dough is done, we placed them down onto a plate with some paper towels to soak up the remaining oil. We let them sit for about 5 minutes to cool down. While this is happening, we got a bowl and put our powdered sugar in it. After the dough cooled, we took the filling out of the fridge and filled each of the beignets. Once complete, we took each one and placed it in the bowl of powdered sugar.


After all of that was done, we plated, and we were ready to eat them. They tasted great when they were still warm and freshly made. However, like with anything fried, they did not age well. The next morning, they weren’t crispy and became a little soggy with the powdered sugar becoming more of a glaze than a powder.


Overall, the experience was fun. It was a simple first dive into recreating our favorite Disney snacks. I would definitely limit the amount you make depending on how many people are there. We made too many for just us two, but it was still fun, and I am very excited to see what one we get next time.

If you have tried making some of your favorite Disney snacks at home let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, thank you all for reading.