Am I Missing Something with Game of Thrones?


Every now and again there is a craze that occurs that just misses me. Remember a few years ago when Pokemon Go took the world by storm? Yeah, that wasn’t for me. Now that Game of Thrones is back, I fall into the minority that had never taken interest in the show. Now, I don’t want to come off as one of those people who post the meme saying “I fall into the 1% of people who haven’t seen Game of Thrones” so I recently sat down to watch some of the show to see what everyone is talking about.


Through the first watch of the first few episodes in the first season, I am not sure the show is for me. I typically don’t like medieval themed TV shows to begin with, but the hype is so real with this show that I set that aside to give it a try. The problem I am having with the show isn’t that it isn’t done well, because it is. You can tell there is a significant production budget, and that they have gotten a good cast. That all being said, man is there not a whole lot going on in the first 4 episodes. Maybe this is my fault. Maybe I had built up expectations that the show had a more action than what I have been given early on.

That isn’t to say the show has no action. It has plenty, just not the action I was expecting. It seems like the showrunners at HBO were keen on making sure viewers knew it was an HBO show by having sex in every scene. Again, this isn’t a fault of the show necessarily, it just takes me out of it and makes me disinterested. This coupled with dialogue overload has me in a bit of a funk with this show. Does it get better? As it stands, I am going to continue trudging through the murkey water that is the first season, but the outlook is grim for me as a viewer. You get thrown right into it, and immediately introduced to multiple characters, too many if I am being honest. I would have taken a first episode solely focused on the Stark family. I understand the main feud here is going to be the Starks v the Lannister’s, but I could do without the introduction of Aqua-drogo and even Danaerys in the first episode. For a show that was bound to have run, their story could certainly have waited until episode two or three. To me its like, no kidding Danaerys is preggers, we have like 8 scenes of her and Khal Drogo getting busy in the first episode.


That isn’t to say the show isn’t good. There is a lot of good in the show itself. It’s really well shot, and the writing is good as well. Ultimately, I am invested in the Starks, specifically Arya, Sansa, Ned, and Bran. Jon Snow is also someone who interests me as he has shown himself, at least early on, to be a skilled fighter in a show that needs action. Furthermore, I am interested in the Lannister’s, specifically Tyrion who has presented himself as always being the smartest person in the room, whether he actually is or no.

2019-05-02 14_42_52-game of thrones shrek meme - Google Search.png

 I think the makings for a good show are there, they just focused on too wide and broad of a story when they could have started tight with the Starks and expanded from there. Give the audience a chance to care about the characters before name dropping Hodor, Little Finger, some guy, and another guy. It struggles with having too many separate stories going on at once. I do also appreciate a meme I had come across the other day that basically says Game of Thrones is just a live action version of Shrek.

Ultimately, I am going to watch all the seasons of this show in an effort to find out why it is widely considered the best thing since sliced bread. I am currently trying to fill a void with a new show, and this is something I have been putting off for a while. Am I wrong though? Is Game of Thrones kind of boring? Let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook! Thank you for reading.