What Are You Watching On YouTube


Have you ever considered cutting cable? If so, what have you chosen to go with, Hulu? Netflix? Have you ever considered YouTube?  We are nowhere near making the decision to cut cable, but are interest to see what others have done. Cable costs are rising, which makes the incentive to cut bait all the more attractive. Beyond that, if you use YouTube what are you watching.


Mitch and I recently started a weekly vlog YouTube Channel where we show some of the things we do on a weekly basis. We never really dove into why we started it. For years, we have followed vloggers on YouTube semi closely. Whether it be The Tim Tracker, JD7 Videos, or a slew of other YouTube creators. However, we never really fully dove in. We would watch them on occasion when we were bored. This recently changed however, in a big way. Our cable provider (oh the irony), recently made an update where the YouTube app is now available on our TV. With that we caught up on all of our favorite vloggers and searched for new ones like starved animals.


In doing so, we came across a set of vloggers from the UK, L&R Dreaming, and immediately were hooked. Since we hadn’t seen anything from them before, we binge watched hours of their vlogs to the point that it has become nightly watching in our household. There is something infectious about the happiness and fun they bring to their vlog. Maybe it’s the focus on Disney, or the fact that because they are from the UK they are able to give us a glimpse into the international Disney parks like Tokyo, Shanghai, or Paris. Either way, we are hooked and find ourselves spending more and more time on Youtube. To the point that we are even looking into traveling to Tokyo within the next few years.

The question was recently posed to me, is Youtube vlogging better than regular TV? As I thought about it, the answer became more and more clear that YouTube is real reality TV. Its normal everyday folks filming their lives and putting it out there for the masses. It is not hyper realized like typical reality tv and is generally drama free, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. The follow up to that question was, “why would you rather watch a normal everyday life than something made purely for entertainment purposes” the answer to that for me is two fold. We like watching vlogs on Youtube because they aren’t filled with the chaos and absurdity that reality TV is filled with, and there is so much content on YouTube that we would never really run out. But more importantly, we can control what we are watching. We harp on Disney vlogs because it gives us the ability to see something that we are passionate about. Its our way of “visiting the parks” even though we are thousands of miles away. It also makes it easy to see parks that we have never been to before. If we are thinking of visiting them, it helps us get a general idea of what to expect from crowds, how to navigate the park, and what rides gets a long wait. In a sense, it helps us plan trips that we haven’t even considered taking yet.

To an extent I wonder if Disney loves this. They are constantly getting free publicity from thousands of vloggers across the world. They do not have to hire anyone to say how much they love the parks, they have real people doing it for free. In a way it gives them the opportunity to have other people do the promoting for new rides and attractions without having to pay anyone. I cant tell you how many times we have seen a video of a vlogger talking about how Star Wars land is coming along. This has become so beneficial that Disney has even started providing on the house trips to vloggers and bloggers with high traffic channels as a means of helping promote their product, whether it be their cruise line Adventures by Disney, or their parks.

Its truly incredible how far YouTube has come.  Just a decade ago it was a brand new outlet that people would upload their music to. Now it has become mainstream media, offering its own TV service and being the catalyst for vloggers across the world to get paid for advertising. It has become a nightly option in our household when looking for things to watch and that does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

Do you watch YouTube? If so, who are you tuning into, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for reading!