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Why Are We So Critical Of Disney's Live Action Remakes?

Do we need to just accept the Disney live action remakes for what they are? I mean when we criticize them for not being fresh what are we really expecting? They are exactly what they set out to be, a remake of the original animation in a photo realistic way. This thought comes straight off the heels of Disney’s live action remake, Aladdin, being released into theaters.

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The Mitch Six: Christmas Movies

Christmas is just around the corner, and while you are all out getting last minute gifts for friends and family, I have been spending my weekends at home tirelessly watching Christmas movies (both good and bad), to deliver you the definitive list of what to watch this holiday season. Now, there are a million holiday movies to watch, especially if you like the Hallmark channel, so I have divided the list into two sections: the classics and the gems.

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