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Disney Wedding Day

As a follow up to my previous article regarding planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding, I thought I would share some insight into the actual day of the wedding. For some, planning the wedding can be very stressful because every decision you make will affect the day of your wedding. The flip side of this is that the day of the wedding is the culmination of all the decisions made over the course of your planning process. Even more so, with a Disney Fairytale Wedding, the stakes are slightly raised because in many cases it is a destination wedding where you have asked friends or family to take time out of their schedule to attend.

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Planning A Fairytale Wedding

For Disney and theme park fans alike, there may be nothing more special than tying the knot with a fairytale wedding. Whether it be at the Grand Floridian’s wedding pavilion, on the Boardwalk, or in one of the parks, from planning to reciting your vows, a fairytale wedding is sure to bring about the feeling of Disney magic that the parks strive to produce. As a newlywed, I along with my wife recently had the luxury and experience of going through the process of deciding, planning, and executing a Disney Wedding.

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